X-Rocker Vision 2.1 Gaming Chair Review

xrocker vision 2.1As a gamer, and I want to experience every video game as I am taking part in the action in real life. To accomplish the realistic experience, I use headphones to block the outside noise, a high-end graphic card, and I recently bought the X-Rocker Vision 2.1 Gaming Chair to make my gaming experience even more realistic.

The X-Rocker Gaming Chair is a specially engineered gaming chair to make gaming comfortable, practical, and fun. It is made of leather and a special fabric cover that should prevent sweating. The X-Rocker Gaming Chair is easy to install, and I don’t need wires to connect it to my Play Station or TV as it is wireless.

Sound Quality

The X-Rocker Gaming Chair makes gaming realistic and tense with its speakers that are similar to the speakers at cinemas. Not only the quality sound, the speakers deliver, but its speakers also vibrate, which makes gaming even more realistic. On the other hand, the speakers are too loud, and I get complaints from the neighbours, so I often have to turn down the volume.

xrocker-v2-7I can hear the other players in Call of Duty and Mass Effect as if they are sitting next to me. The speakers make the dialogues sound as if I am talking to someone in real life.

The X-Rocker Vision 2.1 Gaming Chair has a lot of pros, but also it has a lot of cons, including:

Issues With This Chair

Although the X-Rocker Gaming Chair delivers high-quality sound, it needs too many batteries to work for which I didn’t get a charger from the manufacturer. I had to buy one online. The batteries don’t last more than 6 hours, so I have to buy new batteries frequently as they don’t last for long periods of time.

The X-Rocker Gaming Chair is compatible with all gaming consoles, and it can be connected to a TV or a laptop. I cannot use the X-Rocker Gaming Chair with my desktop computer unless I use a wireless keyboard and mouse as it is too big and I can’t get close enough to the desk to reach the keyboard and mouse.


The X-Rocker Gaming Chair is very comfortable for long hours of playing; one big downside is, I cannot lounge, and it doesn’t have feet pedals to support my feet. The chair squeaks when I support my back, and the pedestal seems as it is going to break soon. The headrest is too low for someone as tall as I am. The arm rests are too low, and they can’t be detached.

The X-Rocker 2.1 Gaming Chair is too big and too heavy, and it takes too much room. In case I need to take it to another room, I will need additional help. The look of the chair is great, and the speakers have a blue light, which increases the aesthetics of the chair. The leather is, unfortunately, not of high quality: a zipper from my jeans ripped the leather a bit.xrocker-v2-3


  • It is compatible with PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, TV, iPod, iPhone, Nintendo, DVD, laptop.
  • It delivers excellent sound and vibrations that make games realistic.
  • It is big enough to fit kids in any size; it fits adults in any size as well.
  • It is very comfortable.
  • I can connect my TV and consoles to it wirelessly.
  • It provides better sound than headphones.
  • It is comfortable for watching movies too.
  • It makes gaming for long hours comfortable.
  • The speakers have a blue light, which increases its aesthetics.
  • It gives me a feeling as if I’m at the cinema.
  • I can hear other people playing in Call of Duty as they are sitting next to me.
  • The dialogues in games are of excellent quality with the X-Rocker Gaming Chair.


  • The seat cannot be adjusted, and it cannot be used as a desk chair.
  • It doesn’t have HDMI or optical input.
  • It is only made to be used with gaming consoles, not with a desktop PC.
  • The speakers are too loud.
  • If I connect the chair to my TV with wires, the wires come out frequently. It is only effective when it is connected wirelessly.
  • It is expensive.
  • The chair is heavy.
  • The pedestal is not quality made.
  • It needs too many batteries to work, and the manufacturer doesn’t provide a charger for the batteries.
  • The chair cannot be adjusted as a lounging chair, although it is supposed to.
  • The headrest is not high enough for a tall person.
  • It cannot be moved from one room to another because it is too heavy.
  • The chair is creaking after two weeks of using it.
  • It needs to be a bit higher for tall people.
  • The armrests are not detachable, and they are too low.
  • The leather rips from zippers.
  • I need to put a chair under my feet as it doesn’t have feet pedals to support my feet.
  • The chair is too high for small children.

Final Thoughts

The X-Rocker Gaming Chair delivers quality sound; it is comfortable and good looking, but it has more imperfections than strengths. It is not quality made, and the leather rips easily. It makes a cracking sound when I sit on it and the pedestal seems to me as it is going to break very soon.

So, I suggest you buy the X-Rocker Vision 2.1 Gaming Chair only if you can’t afford a more expensive chair as I think that this chair is not quality made and it is going to break soon. Also, the frequent need to change the batteries in order to work makes it expensive to use.


X-Rocker Vision 2.1 Gaming Chair Review
  • Price
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  • Comfort


If you are after a new gaming chair to use with your consoles that is extremely comfortable then you should really take a look at this little beauty!


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