Swivel Desk Executive Office Chair Review

swivel desk chairFirst-world problems don’t get much bigger than having to pick out a gaming chair in which you can sit comfortably while you’re trying to move to the next level of your favourite shoot-them-all game. But in a world filled with fancy seating devices, choosing the best chair for gaming isn’t as easy as you may think.
When I came across the DEUBA GmbH & Co. KG. Swivel Office Chair, I was pleasantly surprised by the nice choice of colours, which were absolutely suitable for a gaming chair. Although it wasn’t as elegant as fancier models, it still had visual appeal, with a fun twist on the old fashioned black that seems so popular for gaming chairs.
Much to my astonishment, the chair was nothing short of spectacular in terms of comfort – the perfect seating device for any avid gamer! Keep reading to find out more about this gaming chair by DEUBA GmbH & Co. KG.

Features & Specifications

• Dimensions: 67,5 x 61 x 118 cm
• Adjustable height
• Integrated seat tilt function mechanism
• Padded seat, headrest and armrests
• Sturdy metal structure
• Textile padding (plus mesh)
• colours: black, grey and orange


One of the most notable pros of this swivel desk chair is the great combination of colours, which are vibrant and make the chair absolutely great for any gamer. I wouldn’t have liked it if it hadn’t had that gorgeous shade of orange, which definitely ramps up the visual appeal of the chair. Who’d possibly want a bland-looking chair for gaming?
The DEUBA GmbH & Co. KG. Swivel Office Chair stands out through its innovative design, which has been clearly implemented for comfort. The chair has an ergonomic formed seating surface, which made it very comfy for my lower back.

I am quite short, so I didn’t have to adjust height to fit in the chair, and the headrest was cradling the back of my head naturally. I could comfortably type while my elbows rested on the armrests. For the first ten minutes of use, the DEUBA GmbH & Co. KG. Swivel Office Chair was really comfortable.

But what really places this particular gaming chair miles ahead of competing products is the high quality of materials used. The black strips outside the orange lines are faux leather, giving the chair a sense of sturdiness. My 3-year-old tomcat Toby seemed to be having a hard time puncturing the faux leather with his claws, which grew the chair in my eyes as super durable and long-lasting.
The middle of the seat is fabric covered with mesh, providing ventilation to my back during the entire time I sat on the chair. This automatically makes the chair less uncomfortable than if the whole seat was non-breathable faux-leather. Plastic parts also felt particularly sturdy, and they seemed less likely to break or crack during use.

The height of the chair is adjustable, so whether you’re short like me or taller, you should be able to sit comfortably either way. The seat itself is spacious, although I’m not sure if it can accommodate individuals with possible weight issues, so to speak. There are about three centimetres left on each side when I sit, which is just perfect for me to move around.


As for the drawbacks of the DEUBA GmbH & Co. KG. Swivel Office Chair, there are a couple of aspects that I don’t like about it. Assembly was quite difficult, and I needed more than 20 minutes to put it together. Instructions are basically useless since there are only pictures without any written text, and it’s impossible to say which screw or washer is which. If you don’t have common sense, the assembly will be very cumbersome, and will certainly take much longer than 20 minutes.

The armrests also require consistent tightening, as they become loose after a few months, and you might end up injuring yourself in the process. The chair might start making noises after a few months of use, which can really impact your experience. I tried oiling and tightening the bolts to get rid of the squeak, but to no avail – the chair remained just as noisy.

Final Word

Despite a couple of flaws, I consider the DEUBA GmbH & Co. KG. Swivel Office Chair one of the best gaming chairs in this price range. The chair will keep you comfortable all day long, and the padding won’t become flat, as seen in cheapish products.
If you can find the same model in a different colour option (e.g. just black), then go ahead and buy it – the chair will definitely look so much more elegant in your office!

Swivel Desk Executive Office Chair Review
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