PS3 & PS4 Gaming Chairs Reviews

So you have the PlayStation, you have the big screen TV, you have the headset ready but something is missing?

Something comfortable to site on! We have all been there, sitting on the edge of the sofa or the end for your bed while spending hours and hours on your favourite game just to finish one more level!

What happens at the end of it, your back and your neck completely kill and you can’t stand up straight after. If this sounds like you then you my friend need to invest in a dedicated gaming chair.

Not only are these things so comfy to sit in there look amazing in any room as well. Right so the question is which one?

Well this is where we come in to give you a hand, we have reviewed all the best gaming chairs from all the best gaming manufactures and give you the pros and cons to owning them.

You will also get to find out if it’s worth having them with built speakers to get the surround sound feeling or whether a bean bag chair is more suited to you. So sit back relax and let’s find your prefect gaming chair!

GT Omega Racing Master XL Office Gaming Chair Review

gt omega racing master xl chair in blue and black

Manufacturer: GT Omega Racing Model: Master XL (Blue and black) UK Pricing: £209.94 @ GT Omega Racing UK US Pricing: $232.30 @ GT Omega Racing US For many of us, we love to game. Usually, if you’re a gamer or a fan of video games, you will probably sit in your chair playing your PlayStation or Xbox,

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GT Omega Racing EVO XL Office Gaming Chair Review

gtomega racing evo xl chair front facing

Manufacturer: GT Omega Racing Model: EVO XL Chair (White and black) UK Pricing: £209.94 @ GT Omega Racing UK US Pricing: $232.30 @ GT Omega Racing US GT Omega Racing EVO Review: Chair Specifications Orthopedically and ergonomically designed Many different colors including black, black and red, black and orange, black and blue, black and yellow, black

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X-Rocker Titan Gaming Chair Review

x-rcoker titan gaming chair

The X-Rocker Titan Gaming Chair is a £219 investment looking to improve your total gaming experience. It offers innovative sound design, wireless connection to your gaming system, and optional vibrations to enhance your gaming experience. The Titan gaming chair stacks up well against competitors but there some areas in which it falls short which we

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X-Dream Rocker Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair Review

x-dream rocker ultra gaming chair

Is your gaming experience lacking the comfort and sound experience that you expect? From personal experience, gaming without the right chair leaves you missing out on the total gaming experience. The X-Dream Rocker Ultra Wireless Gaming Chair works to solve this problem by offering a chair with a high level of comfort, wireless sound capabilities,

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GT Omega Racing Pro Gaming Chair Review

GT Omega Pro Office chair colour Black and Green

Manufacturer: GT Omega Racing Model: Pro Chair (Green and black) UK Pricing: £159.95 @ GT Omega Racing UK US Pricing: $172.55 @ GT Omega Racing US GT Omega Racing Pro Review : Chair Specifications:  Weight 22kg 90-170 degrees angle adjuster Easy to move casters Height-adjustablele armrest Height-adjustable gas spring cylinder Load capacity up to 150kg Black

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BTM Executive Office Padded Leather Gaming Chair Review

btm green gaming chair

It’s not uncommon to use an office chair for gaming – as a matter of fact, many avid gamers do. When BTM sent me the Executive Office Padded Leather Gaming Chair, I was brimming with excitement at the thought of replacing my old chair with this one. It had a very fashion-forward design, and it

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Swivel Desk Executive Office Chair Review

swivel desk office gaming chair

First-world problems don’t get much bigger than having to pick out a gaming chair in which you can sit comfortably while you’re trying to move to the next level of your favourite shoot-them-all game. But in a world filled with fancy seating devices, choosing the best chair for gaming isn’t as easy as you may

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DXRacer Formula Gaming Chair Review

DX racer gaming chair

Manufacturer: DXRacer Model: Formula Gaming Chair UK Pricing: £246 @ Amazon UK US Pricing: From $289 @ If you’re a gaming fanatic or you have an office job it’s fair to assume that a comfy, well-posturing, adjustable and sturdy chair is somewhere on your must-have list. Well, in this dxracer chair review we’re going

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