Nitro Concepts c80 Comfort Series Gaming Chair Review

nitro concepts c80 gaming chairManufacturer: Nitro Concepts
Model: c80 Comfort Series
UK Pricing: £145

Gaming chairs are for every gamer. From the busy adult that only gets to log a few hours in front of the screen per week to the hard core gamer that spends hours playing online competitions, the right gaming chair is a must. One option for seating to enhance your gaming experience is the Nitro Concepts c80 Comfort Series gaming chair. I recently bought this chair in search of an addition to my home, to be used as an office desk chair and double as a gaming chair for when I want to unwind. This review will rank where I think Nitro Concept’s chair stands against the competition, based on its performance in several important categories, including style, comfort, features, and more.

A Few Words about the Nitro Concepts

Nitro Concepts works with all the best people to come together with the perfect elements for every chair that they develop. They work closely with veterans in the textile industry, gaming enthusiasts, and the science of how proper seating can change the health of your back. They consider many elements in every chair that they produce, always keeping the needs of the gamer in mind.

Unboxing and Assembly

nitro concepts c80 gaming chair boxI ordered online, so naturally I came home one day and found this large box sitting on my porch. There was no doubt that my gaming chair was inside. I dragged the box inside and started to open it carefully. Despite the large box that the chair comes in, I found that I needed to assemble all of the separate parts. Each element was wrapped in cardboard and/or plastic, so I was not concerned about damage that sometimes occurs during the postage process.

nitro concepts c80 gaming chair instructionsI pulled out the instructions and dove into the assembly process. At first, it was coming along rather well and I found it simple. That is, until I came to screwing in the backrest. The chair is covered in upholstery that you cannot remove and I found that the foam covered the holes I needed in some cases. It was difficult to line everything up, but I eventually managed it. I won’t lie, it was a little aggravating. I was still able to assemble the chair in about 35 minutes though and I am by no means an expert.

Nitro Concepts c80 Review: Appearance and Style

A sleek, racing style is what you get from this chair. It has incredibly detailed stitching in precise locations to enhance the overall performance of the chair. The chair also features colourful accents that pop (on all but the black chair) and a thick padded design that looks comfortable before you even sit down. The style of the chair makes it seem wide, though it is not much wider than a standard computer or gaming chair. The chair appears wide, though it is not much wider than a standard chair. The seating area measures 53.5 centimetres across, while the backrest measures 51 centimetres across in most areas.

The material that makes up the outer cover of the chair is leather-like, though it is made of vegan friendly cold foam polyurethane. This is cruelty-free unlike leather. Also unlike leather, the polyurethane does not trap heat that will make you sweat during long hours of play. This is made in a carbon fibre style pattern that goes well with the sleek racing design.

You also get plenty of opportunities for customization with this chair because of the wide assortment of colours offered. You can find the chair in all black, black with red accents, black with white accents, black with orange accents, black with blue accents, and black with green accents.

In terms of the appearance of the chair, I can say that I was rather impressed. Even without features that scream “this is a gaming chair”, it is obvious from the appearance that it is designed with gaming in mind.

Materials and Construction: Nitro Concepts c80 Review

You can tell that Nitro Concepts took durability into consideration as they chose the materials for the different elements of the c80 Comfort Series gaming chair. The box that the chair comes in is large and heavy, with each of the individual elements covered in cardboard, bubble wrap, and other protective elements to ensure that your chair makes it to your home in brand new condition.

The frame and base of the chair is constructed of steel, which makes it likely your gaming chair will have a long, healthy life. It also features a steel gas lift cylinder to adjust the height of the chair. The durability of this hardware means that you will be able to trust it to help adjust the height of your chair and lock it into place for years to come. This gaming chair is durable down to the stitching, which is neat and tight. You do not have to worry about frayed edges or shoddy stitching unravelling your chair.

I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed at first when I saw what looked like plastic wheels. A quick check to the Nitro Concepts website showed that the wheels were plastic, though they are a high-grade plastic that are rather solid. I gave these a chance and you should be willing to as well if you find this chair meets your other gaming needs. They do have their merits, including the fact that they will not scratch hardwood floors or other surfaces in your home and that the casters also allow the wheels to roll smoothly and softly. This means you can move around without worrying about waking up the people in your home during a late night gaming (or working) session.

Nitro Concepts c80 Gaming Chair Review : Features

nitro concepts c80 gaming chair specsIn regards to features, this gaming chair focuses on simplicity. No, it is not loaded up with tons of extra features. However, this also means you do not pay for anything unnecessary if it is not what you need. This chair will meet the needs of the simple gamer though and features all the comfort that you need for hours of enjoyable game play.

First, the chair has plenty of padding. It is not only soft though; the game chair’s ergonomic design lets it provide support in all of the right places. This means no more discomfort in your back and plenty of cushioning when you lean forward and dig in with your elbows during game play. The c80 chair also features a tilting mechanism up to 15 degrees forward or backward. This features a rocker gaming experience, without sitting the floor. You will also find it incredibly useful that the tilting mechanism locks into place or can be left swinging freely.

nitro concepts c80 gaming chair wheels The base and wheels of this chair also have nice features. The casters are quiet, which allows you to roll around and adjust your seating position without making a lot of noise. The bars that make up the legs of the chair feature grips for your feet, so you can use them for balance without worrying about your feet slipping out from under you when the game gets intense.

The c80 gaming chair by Nitro Concepts features an adjustable height. At its highest point, it can accommodate people up to about 6 feet in height in terms of enjoying the chair’s maximum comfort. Taller gamers may find that their head reaches past the headrest. The armrests are not adjustable, but they are durable and comfortable with a thick, steel construction and plenty of padding.

The one downside of this gaming chair is that there are no add-on pillows for support or cushioning if you find that the ergonomic design of the chair does not suit you. You can use throw pillows, but these may slide around, especially on the upholstery of this particular chair.

Comfort : Nitro Concepts c80 Chair Review

When you sit in this chair, you will be guided into the center of the ergonomically designed back support by two padded areas on either side of the seat. It has an adjustable height, so you can sit with your legs wherever you want them. Your freedom of movement is enhanced by the tilting function that lets you lean forward and back.

Gamers are notorious for back problems, which is the reason that Nitro Concepts made this chair with an ergonomic design that will improve your posture as you game and help eliminate back pain. It provides plenty of head, neck, and back support in all the right places. Even after just a week of using this chair, I could feel a difference in my posture as I sat.

The outer cover is made of cold foam upholstery or polyurethane. It looks like leather, but you will find that it is much cooler. It will not leave your back sweating while you engage in long hours of game play. You should note, however, that it is not as breathable as some of the leading materials on the market either.

Other Considerations

The materials of this chair meet fire retardant specifications, making it safe for use in the home. It also easily fits beneath a standard desk, so it can be used for gaming in front of the television or in front of your PC. It also doubles as an office chair, if you find yourself working during the week and gaming on the weekends.

If you were disappointed by the lack of extra features, you probably will not be disappointed by the price. Without the extra features, you pay a little less than some other gaming chairs. For people who only need the basics, this chair is perfect. This means that you can’t pack it up and throw it in your trunk to take to a friend’s house for a gaming session.


nitro concepts c80 gaming chairSimple. Stylish. Comfortable. If I could choose any words to describe this gaming chair, these would be it. From a stunning design to padding and support anywhere that you could need it, this chair is built with the needs of the gamer in mind. There are a few downsides to the chair, such as the difficult assembly of the backrest and the lack of add-on pillows for extra support. These simple flaws can easily be overlooked, however, when you consider the all of the great features that you do get for the price, which is around £150 at the time of this review.

The right gaming chair will be your faithful companion through years or even decades of game play. As you choose the best gaming chair for your own personal uses, you must consider several things. Start by writing down the things that you absolutely need for your gaming chair, from adjustability to extra features like cup holders. Once you have compiled a list of what you need, consider what you want but that you would be okay without. Take both of your lists and look for chairs within your budget range. Then, compare them side by side to make your ideal purchase. Don’t forget to check out gaming chair reviews to be sure the chair will meet your expectations.

Nitro Concepts c80 Gaming Chair Review
  • Price
  • Features
  • Comfort
  • Design



Good build quality
Very comfy for price
Padded armrests
Relatively light and easy to roll
Height/tilt spring adjustment
Great price


A little tricky to put together, although most gaming chairs are
Lacks movable components/cushions

The Nitro Concepts C80 Comfort Series Gaming Chair is one of the better gaming chair options out there today. it looks great ans is super comfortable and also comes in a great range of colours to suit any setup.


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