Hi-BagZ Gaming Bean Bag Review

Hi bagz gaming bean bag

Manufacture: Hi-Bagz
Model: Hi-Bagz Gaming Bean Bag
UK Price: £39.99 on Amazon

Being like most people, I spend most of my free time either playing video games, watching movies or TV. I have been looking for a beanbag that gives me proper back and head support, that is, at the same time comfortable and it doesn’t cause leg cramps. After searching online for some time, I decided to buy the Hi-Bagz gaming bean bag.

I chose the Hi-Bagz gaming bean bag because it matches with the furniture in my living room and it doesn’t take too much space. The Hi-Bagz beanbag is made of artificial faux leather, and it is very stylish.

Hi Bagz Gaming Bean Bags : Cheap and Easy

I like the fact that the bean bag is made of leather as leather is easy to clean if coffee or juice is spilled on it. The beanbag is well sewed, and it has a special inside bag that adds additional protection to the beans, which prevents the beans from spilling out of the bean bag. The gaming bean bag is quality made, and it seems to me as it is going to last for years.

The Hi-Bagz leather gaming beanbag is big enough for both kids and adults. I am 6 feet tall and 12 stone heavy, and the bean bag provides me with proper back support. Its polystyrene beans don’t become hard fast when I sit on the bean bag as the sponge in my sofa does.

The Hi-Bagz gaming beanbag can be shaped as an office chair or as a lounging chair, which provides me with good back and head support. The down side is, the bean bag returns to its previous shape soon after I get up off the bean bag. Therefore, I have to reshape the bean bag; every time, I get up and move, which becomes quite frustrating over time.

Gaming Bean Bag: Will I Actually Be Comfortable?

Since I have kyphosis, proper sitting posture is important to me. The Hi-Bagz gaming beanbag makes sitting with proper posture easier as I can lean back and the beanbag gives me the proper support for my back. I tend to slouch a lot, so with the bean bag, I can shape the bean bag in a way that gives my lower back the support it needs.

Although it gives good back support, the Hi-Bagz bean bag causes back pain after prolonged use. After 4 hours of sitting, the bean bag gives me back pain.

The beanbag reduces my tension headaches as it gives me proper head support. My neck is not under tension when I watch TV because I can shape the beanbag to rest my head as on a soft cushion.

The Hi Bagz bean bag UK is very light weight, and it is very easy to move the bean bag from one room to another. As it is supposed to be used as a bean bag for gaming, small kids can easily move the bean bag without injuring themselves. The down side is when it is moved around too often, the beanbag loses its shape, and it has to be reshaped to become comfortable again.Hi bagz gaming bean bags

The Hi bagz beanbag restricts blood flow in my legs when I use it for prolonged periods of time. I’ve also noticed that the beans shrivel over time, and it is necessary to re-fill the bean bag with new polystyrene beans for the beanbag to become comfortable again.

The Pros

  • It provides support for people of any size; it is comfortable for both kids and adults in different sizes and weight.
  • It provides proper back support.
  • It is super cheap.
  • It can be shaped to give support on any body part. It can be shaped to be used as an office chair, and it can be shaped as a lounging armchair. With frequent re-shaping, the beanbag doesn’t lose its firmness.
  • It is produced of quality faux leather, and it is very well sewed up, which means this bean bag can last for years.
  • It is light weight, and it is easy to transport the beanbag from one room to another.
  • The bean bag is easy to clean in case fluid has been spilt.
  • It doesn’t take too much space, and it is very useful when I have guests in my house.
  • The beans are put in a special bag that prevents the beans from spilling.
  • It has very stylish design. The bean bag’s design matches with the design of my living room furniture.

Now the Cons

  • The leather smells, but the smell doesn’t last more than a week.
  • The leather of the bean bag accumulates the room temperature, so the beanbag becomes cold in winter.
  • It becomes flat if it is overused and the beans shrivel up over time. It doesn’t have enough beans to be comfortable enough. Re-filling the beanbag with more polystyrene beans might be necessary to make the bean bag comfortable again.
  • The leather is artificial.
  • It occludes blood flow in the legs with prolonged sitting.
  • It causes back pain after 4 hours of sitting. I have to reshape the bean bag frequently to stop the back pain.
  • When it’s delivered, the bean bag doesn’t have the shape as in the photo. It has to be shaped to look as it looks in the photo. The bean bag soon flattens, and it doesn’t keep its shape.
  • The bean bag is not as big as in the photos.
  • It loses its shape, and its comfort if it’s moved around too often.
  • The bean bag has to be re-shaped very often to be comfortable, which becomes frustrating over time.

Hi – Bagz Gaming BeanBag : Verdict

Overall, the Hi-Bagz gaming beanbag is a good product. It is soft and firm enough that makes gaming and watching movies or TV pleasant activities. Although the Hi-Bagz gaming beanbag has its downsides, it is a good bargain.

If you or your kids need a beanbag, the Hi-Bagz gaming beanbag does a good job. It is softer than a sofa and a chair and it suits well in a living room or a kid’s room.

Hi Bagz Gaming BeanBag Chair Review
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Comfort


Not a bad cheap gaming little chair if you are on a tight budget at £39.99. Perfect if you just need something you can chuck around the house and into any space or room you are free.



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