GT Omega Racing Pro Gaming Chair Review

GT Omega Pro Office gaming chair in Black and Green

Manufacturer: GT Omega Racing
Model: Pro Chair (Green and black)
UK Pricing: £159.95 @ GT Omega Racing UK
US Pricing: $172.55 @ GT Omega Racing US

GT Omega Racing Pro Review : Chair Specifications:

  •  Weight 22kg
  • 90-170 degrees angle adjuster
  • Easy to move casters
  • Height-adjustablele armrest
  • Height-adjustable gas spring cylinder
  • Load capacity up to 150kg
  • Black aluminium star base
  • Orthopedically and ergonomically designed
  • Black and Red Synthetic Leather material
  • Tilt Locking mechanism
  • Headrest pillow and lumbar cushion are included

GtOmega Pro Chair Specs

Back support is a common problem that many gamers suffer from. The aching from the chairs, the feeling of their muscles being strained by the chair, can be a major downer for most people. This is a common problem with many gaming sessions, and if you talk to any gamer out there, they have probably had issues at least once regarding back problems. It’s the bane of many gamer’s existence, and many will talk about the back problems they suffer from. You’ve probably tried other chairs in the past, and they’ve been nothing but problematic for you, and you might wonder if you’ll ever live the dream of being a gamer who has a comfortable chair.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this, and that is the GT Omega Racing call. This chair is great for anyone who has long gaming sessions, and it’s one that works with your body to make you feel comfortable for a long time.   The GT Omega Racing Chair tackles an area that most gaming chair companies seem to avoid: lumbar support. It works to fix the problem at its core, and it does a great job of doing so for a killer price.

GT Omega Pro Racing Office Gaming Chair Review: Is it Comfortable?

The first part to discuss is the comfort of the GT Omega Pro Racing Chair. Now, this chair is one that is very comfortable, and it feels great. You can sit in this chair and game for hours, and you won’t feel the need to squirm around to avoid the throbbing pain that other chairs might cause you. The reason for this is because the chair has a “body hugging” structure,” similar to the ones you find in the premium office chairs you see.

These chairs will work with the way your body sits, and it accommodates for that. What this means for you, is you won’t have to get up after a long gaming session and hear the chorus of popping sounds in your back, but instead you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed, which is what you should be getting out of your gaming chair. The GT Pro Racing Chair is a quality chair not just in sustainability, but also in the way you feel as well.

In the same realm of comfort, is the features that it has. For some who hate those cushions in the head, the GT Pro racing chair comes with a removable head cushion. If you need more back and neck support, you can keep it in, but it’s at your discretion. The real winner here however is the lower back cushion. Now, not everyone enjoys this, and for some it might sit weird when it comes to their body, but it can help with those who have posture issues, and who get that pain in the lower back when they game.

Supporting Long Gaming Sessions

It’s a common problem to have lumbar pain when you game. Most chairs have that gap in there, and there is no support whatsoever. That’s why many people squirm around when they’re gaming for long periods of time due to the stress it puts on that area. However, with the removable lumbar cushion, it can fix a lot of those issues, because your back will now have that support there.

It even caters to those who sit forward. Sitting forward is a common seating placement in many gamers, and back support normally goes out the window when people do that. However, with this chair, that’s a thing of the past because the cushion can be adjusted, so you will get comfort in ways you never expected to before, even when you’re learning forward when playing a thrilling and exciting game.


GT Omega Pro Office Black Gray Side Backrest

GT Omega Pro Racing Chair Review: Adjustability

Adjusting chairs is normally a hassle, but this brand knows how to fix that. The GT Pro Racing chair gives the player a wide variety of reclining options, and you can choose to recline the chair 90-120 degrees forwards or backwards, and it can be changed in terms of height as well. If you’re the type of person who likes to lie back, while still getting killer back support, this chair is your answer.

You can also change the height in this chair as well. A lot of gamers who are taller than the average person always suffer from the stigma of getting a chair, only to find out the back support is atrocious on it simply because they’re too tall. It’s quite the problem, but with this chair, you can adjust it to your size. This also works for shorter people as well, so they can use the chair and sit comfortably without having to put a bunch of pillows on the bottom to accommodate for that.

The height adjustment has a strong structure to it, one you don’t’ normally see in chairs. It is a spring cylinder mechanism, which is durable and successful. That means it won’t go out after a few adjustments, which is always a great thing. Combine that with the adjustable armrests, and you can make this chair be the ultimate gaming comfort for your needs. Adjustments on this chair are some of the best on the market, and it’s something you should definitely consider if you need special requirements for your body.

Is it Stable?

Now, this chair is built typically for racing games, so it makes sure that one element of it is always there: sustainability. Sustainability is the name of the game when it comes to this chair, and they take care of that element with two different ways.

The first, is the locking system. Don’t’ you hate it when you’re using a chair, only for it to roll around, you nearly fall off, and then you lose your focus? It does happen, and even the smallest jerks can be distracting. Fortunately, this chair knows how to fix that, by adding the feature of adjustable locks. These are locks that you can get for £9.95, and they fit to the chair so that you can lock and unlock it at any time.

This chair also comes with the feature of tilting as well. Many times, if you sit in a typical office chair when gaming, you’ll notice the tilt will start to happen when you move around. This gets obvious after a while, and it can be pretty distracting for some. This is the second feature that helps to maintain stability, and that is the tilting lock mechanism. With this little feature, you can make the chair lock up in a certain position. This will restrict the movement during play, and once you’re done you can unlock it and move it around. It makes a world of difference however when you’re trying to game, and it can save your concentration time and time again.

gt omega pro racing office chair black next green leather

GT Omega Pro Chair Review: Does it lack Style?

At first, you might think this chair looks bland and boring. However, don’t think the pictures are all you see, because when you take it outside of the box, it’s a completely different product. The pictures bring this vibrant product to life, and immediately you will notice from the second you take it out, that it’s a pretty nice chair.

It’s a fancy one that is made with the highest-quality materials, and you can feel it from the moment you sit on it. The chair is made with black and leather synthetic combinations, which means that it is quality and luxurious to the touch. Along with that, is the padding, and it’s got the highest-quality cushioning in there to give you the comfort that you deserve. Once you sit on it, you will feel like your body just sinks into the material.

The colour is also something to boast about as well. It comes with a sleek and stylish black colour as the main theme, with green accents to it to help with the contrast. The base is also steel starred, which gives it the strength that every gamer wants out of their chair.GT Omega Pro Office Black Green Back



  • Luxurious Design
  • 90-120 Degree Forward/Backwards Tilting
  • Tilt Lock Mechanism
  • Removable Pillows
  • Lockable Casters
  • Lumbar Support
  • 120 kg Load Capacity
  • Super Comfy


  • Pricey
  • Assembly can be Tricky
  • Wires Get Tangled

Flaws Few and Far Between

Now, you’ve seen all of the amazing features with this, but there are some cons that come with this. The first, is the price. You’ll be set back about £159, so that’s an important element to keep in mind, along with the £9.95 you might spend on the locks. However, it is a high-quality chair, so your money is going to a great chair that is a worthwhile investment.

Assembly has also been a problem with many. When opened, it can be a bit cumbersome to cope with, simply because it has many parts to it, and it does seem like it might take a while. Fortunately, there are videos on it, so you can assemble it quickly and without too much of a hassle.

The final issue is the wire placement. Wires are tricky with this, as they are placed near the armrest, and when used, it is prone to tangling. Be wary about this if you’re a person who games using wired controllers or wired headset, but if you are using wireless products this is rarely an issue.

GT Omega Review: In Conclusion:

There you have it. GT Omega Pro Racing Chair has done exactly what it set out to do. While its price tag is indeed a little higher than average, so are its abilities to provide sustainable comfort and a more immersing gaming experience.

The elegance of the design is a great exception to most odd looking gaming chairs out there. Seamlessly switching between regular day to day use and passionate gaming. The only noticeable fault of this hybrid concept is a frequent tangling of headphones wires in the armrest area.

But it is a completely different area that could use the most improvement. While not reflective of the chair itself, the instructional for assembly can get quite confusing. While this does indeed come with the territory of most gaming chairs, the hassle was above average. Still, after overcoming that initial hurdle the final result is very satisfying.

Overall, a highly recommended purchase with a price that matches its value.

Discount Code : GT Omega Racing

Now, to stop you from worrying about whether or not you’re going to be spending an arm and a leg on this, there is a discount code for you to take advantage of. I’ve talked to the people at GT Omega Racing, and they’ve given me this great discount code that can help you get some money off on this. You can check it out at the link here, and trust me, you won’t be disappointed with the results.

GT Omega Pro Chair
  • Price
  • Design
  • Value
  • Comfort



  • Great comfort and support
  • Huge range of colours to choose from
  • Very good value for money
  • Top build quality, feels well built
  • Prefect for Office or gaming


  • Can take some time to wear in the bottom cushion
User Rating: 1.7 (12 votes)

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