Gaming Chair Buying Guide

gaming chair buying guide

If only the big gaming decisions were just about choosing between the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC! But thanks to an army of gaming chairs available on the market, selecting the best gaming console is just the start. These days, choosing the right product to get the most out of your gaming experience is just as important as the console itself. That is why we created this gaming chair buying guide to help you over all the hurdles and questions you might have.

If you start looking for one – either online or in a local shop –, you’re bound to find at least dozens of models that come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them resemble office chairs, while others are low lean-back rockers that look Star Wars-inspired.
With so many different models to choose from, how are you going to find the right one for you? Check out our gaming chair buying guide below.

Start with the Right Chair Type

The style you choose depends largely on personal preference – after all, it’s your bum that will be glued to the seat for the entirety of the game. But aside from personal choice and comfort, you should also look for the right type of chair for your needs. This will largely impact comfort while you’re seated. Additionally, the style of your chair will determine whether you can lean forward to engage in intense battle or lean backwards, to relax while you play.

Gaming Rockers

If there’s something better than kicking back and enjoying your favourite game, it’s reclining in a gaming rocker while you do it. One part gaming control centre and one part rocking chair, gaming rockers are ideal for gamers who want to stay comfortable while kicking butts.

This style of chair sports an L-shaped design, with a seat that rests directly on the floor. Gaming rockers stand out because of their arch, which allows you to sit back and recline or rock while you are playing. At the same time, the rocker chair lets you sit as close to the screen as possible, so you can fully immerse in the action and focus your attention on what’s happening in the game. A popular manufacturer of these chairs is X-Rocker, you can check out an X-Rocker chair review here.

Racing Chairs

Also known as gaming racers, gaming racing chairs often come equipped with steering wheels and pedals that offer a realistic gaming experience, making them an especially good choice if you find yourself frequenting racing type games. They also, however, work well for fight simulations. These chairs, such as the styles offered by GT Omega Racing, use bucket seat style. They recline back incredibly far and allow you to swivel side to side. Many even come with pedals and a steering wheel, two frequently built-in tools that can help replicate the driving experience without having to leave your house (or your chair).

Pedestal Chairs

Pedestal chairs are a common choice for gamers who like sitting a bit higher off the ground and want some swivel in their life. Pedestal gaming seats elevate the player off the floor, giving you a straight shot at the screen and a clear view of what you’re playing.
Many pedestal chairs also allow you to tilt and swivel, and they’re usually equipped with adjustable headrest and armrests that enhance comfort.

Check for System Compatibility

While some are designed to be fully compatible with all or most existing gaming consoles, others are built specifically for one model only – say, PlayStation, Xbox or Wii. Many may also be compatible with PCs or Macs, so it’s important to make sure that the model you choose will be compatible with your console of choice, or else you may be unable to play your games.
If you’re unsure of whether a specific chair model will work with your console, it’s a good idea to ask either the staff in the store or send an email to the retailer. It is better to be safe than to deal with a potentially painful return process (if the chair is returnable) if you are unable to connect it to your particular system.

Look for Built-in Features

Close look at x rocker gaming chair controls

When you’re shopping around for a chair, you may feel overwhelmed by the wide range of built-in features some models are equipped with. While they may indeed add to the price, they won’t make it as expensive as you may be thinking. If you’re willing to spend more money to get a top-quality gaming chair, there are a couple of features that you should look for.

Inputs and Outputs

For your gaming experience to be complete, headrest speakers can turn your seat into a surround-sound paradise that let you turn any game into reality. These models usually come with audio input and output ports that can be connected to your TV’s HDMI cable, allowing you to hear the audio from your game coming from the speakers built into the chair itself. As such, your gaming experience will become significantly more enjoyable and immersive. Some even have built-in subwoofers for a multi-sensory experience.


Another feature that’s worth considering is wireless connectivity. Wireless audio and Bluetooth connectivity make it easy to run sound from your gaming system without having to worry about pesky cords that may pose a tripping risk.
You may also want to look for a gaming chair with a vibrating feature, which lets you feel every single jolt and impact of the game you’re playing. This will put you in your character’s shoes so you can experience the game to the fullest, and enjoy a more thorough gaming experience as well.

In addition to the great features mentioned above, you may find gaming chairs with extras like convenient cup holders, rubber wheels to prevent scratches and noise on wooden floors, an audio jack so you can enjoy sound through your headphones without disturbing your roommates or family, or armrests designed to work with a mouse. Think about what you want, what you can live without, and what your budget is before you decide which extra features you want to add to your gaming chair. To make this easier, consider making a list of necessary features and features that you would like but could live without, so you can find the gaming chair with the best features within your price range.

Top 5 Gaming Chairs on The Market

  1. GT Omega Racing Pro Chair
  2. DX Racer Gaming Chair
  3. AK Racing Gaming Chair
  4. NobleChairs Epic
  5. X-Rocker Monza


Consider Your Own Comfort

The entire point of a gaming chair is to allow you to enjoy your video games in comfort. So, what should you consider as you think about how comfortable you want to be as you play your game?

1. What You Will Be Using it For and Where

Leaning forward during intense moments can leave you with cricks in your neck in the wrong chair. Additionally, if you are using your chair for PC gaming then you will need a chair that can comfortably reach the desk of your PC. Consider what room of your house you will be using it in and what will meet your exact needs. If you are unsure of the height that you need, consider a model with adjustable height. There are even chairs with adjustable height for the armrest, so be on the lookout for these if this is important to you.

2. Lumbar Support is a Must

One of the chief complaints among gamers is back pain. This is likely from sitting in a chair that is not made for sitting through long, intense gaming sessions where you may be leaning forward, backwards, and even swivelling side to side. Comfort is important, but one of the things that you will find essential to achieving the goal of total comfort is lumbar support and an ergonomic design. A chair with excellent lumbar support will allow you to sit for hours, maybe even days, without your lower back suffering during this time, while an ergonomic design will offer support in all of the other areas that you need it.

Incorrect posture oftentimes results in pain and discomfort, which can greatly impact your gaming. As such, you should be looking for a chair that offers lumbar – lower back – support. You have two main options when it comes to this particular aspect – you can choose a one with built-in or removable cushions, or with a form-fitting ergonomic arch. Either option will help maintain a correct posture for hours, so you won’t be squirming for a better position while seated.

akracing k7012 office gaming chair, green and black GT Omega Pro Office chair colour Black and Green DX racer office gaming chair chairThere are 3 main players that offer these kinds of feature and we have reviews them all, check out GT Omega Racing Chairs, AKRacing Chairs and DXRacer Chairs and our reviews to help choose between them.

3. To Cushion or Not to Cushion

You would be surprised at the number of chairs that offer additional cushioning. Unlike throw pillows or cushions that are not sold with the chair, these often fasten with Velcro or a hook-and-loop system so that you can add them and remove them easily. Additionally, they will not slip around as you play. You can often find cushions for the arm rests, head rests, neck area, and lumbar support.

4. Fabric Breathability

One major mistake often made by people who are new to purchasing gaming chairs is buying chairs with an exterior made of leather or another material. While leather is nice because it wipes clean easily and is incredibly durable, it is also one of the most uncomfortable materials that you can sit on for hours because it can make you sweat. Consider a chair with moisture-wicking features and fabric breathability to maximise your comfort during extra-long gaming sessions.

Remember to Consider Where You Game

Xenta gaming chair folded over for easy storageWhen some people hear the word “gamer”, they think of a recluse who never leaves home. This, however, could not be farther from the truth. Many gamers have friends with similar interests. Before you choose your chair, consider whether you will be gaming alone or with friends. If you regularly have a gaming night at friends’ houses, then you may find that you get an extra competitive edge when you bring along a gaming chair. If this interests you, look for lightweight, compact, or foldable models that will be easy to bring along for the ride.

Think About the Quality You Expect

Have you ever heard the expression, “You get what you pay for”? This applies to many things, including gaming chairs. Cheaper is not always better unless you find a gaming chair discount code or coupon to cut back on the costs, of course. As you choose your chair, make sure that it has sturdy resistance cross between the upper and lower parts of the chair. You should also look for the quality of the arm rests, roller balls, and any other areas that may or may not break. Finally, if you do not buy an expensive chair, consider purchasing through a company that offers parts for their chair so you can easily replace the part if/when it breaks!

Did you find a deal that is too good to be true? If so, check out the customer reviews found on the website. If they seem overwhelmingly positive, there is one of two options. The company either provides stellar service or they choose to omit negative reviews from their site. If you have your doubts, check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints or look through several review sites before making your choice.

Your Checklist for Buying a Gaming Chair

Use the 5 points we have listed below before buying your gaming chair and you end up with the best gaming chair you could ever want. Or if you are looking to buy a gaming chair as a gift for a birthday or Christmas then these 5 points will help.

  1. Look for a chair that is ergonomic to help support your back and make it easier to get comfortable and sit there while you game.
  2. Look for the chair with the best features that you will use, if you play with a headset you do not need one with speakers.
  3. Buy the best chair you can afford, with most furniture it is not worth buying something cheap, you will be sitting in this for a while and none of us like back pain, if you can get some extra features spending another £40-£50, do it, make a purchase that you won’t regret.
  4. Buy a gaming chair that offers easy handling and storage.
  5. Chair dimensions and colour should be kept in mind. You have to keep in mind the colour scheme of your room, curtains and other furniture so that the gaming chair you buy don’t look out of place.

Don’t Overlook the Price

If you want a chair that has all features mentioned above, you may expect to spend hundreds of pounds on the perfect model. While some gaming chairs cost just under £100, other may sometimes exceed £200-£350, which can make them rather unaffordable if you’re tight on money. As such, it’s best to look for a one that has all essentials you need to stay comfortable (armrests, lumbar support, tough upholstery, cushioned seat and back, and a sturdy frame). If you can afford to spend a few pounds more than the actual cost of the chair, look for an upgraded version of that model, which may be equipped with some other features, such as audio input and output ports or vibration.

Rake in Potential Savings with a Discount Code or Coupon

Have you found your dream chair only to find that it is out of your budget range? Or have you found the perfect chair and wish that it was a little cheaper? Look out for discount codes, as most of the big manufacturers will offer some sort of discount on their chairs during the year. A quick search will almost always return something to make the deal a little sweeter. We have a GT Omega Racing Discount Code you can always use- just click on the link!

Final Word

It’s never easy to go shopping for a gaming chair, even for experienced gamers and if you’re new to the industry and don’t know much about it, then you may find this process extremely cumbersome. Keep an eye on these points before you go shopping, and don’t forget to read a few reviews of the model that you’re interested in to find potential flaws. You may also check for user reviews on Amazon, which will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about how a chair performs from lots of people that have bought that chair.

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