NobleChairs Gaming Office Chairs Review


What are Noble Chairs and why do you want one?

Don’t let the title fool you.  These chairs aren’t just for gamers.  They are sleek, sophisticated, and are made with pride in mind.  Pride of the company, and pride of the customer. These chairs are German made, with the quality and materials you can expect from leading car manufacturers.  These chairs look like what you would expect to be behind the wheel of the most expensive of luxury cars, and they would look just as spectacular behind your desk.

The chairs are constructed with high precision industrial robots, have classy and discreet branding via thoughtful logo application, support of the head and neck, as well as the lumbar region.  These chairs are the perfect choice for optimal relaxation.  The special edition chairs also com with two removable pillows, brown with a golden “Noblechairs” embroidered logo.

You will be exceedingly pleased with one of the Noblechairs gaming chairs whether you have it at your desk, complimenting your sleek gaming machine, keyboard, and mouse, or if you are sitting on it, kicked back with your feet up, a cigar in one hand and a glass of brandy in the other.

Why Noble chairs above all others?

First in Leather, Best in Class

Noble hairs are the leading gaming chair company in every manner you could imagine.  They are the manufacturers of the world’s first gaming chairs covered in real leather.  That is where the new EPIC real leather series of gaming chairs, in brown-beige and brown-black, comes into play, with exclusive real leather coverings.  These are top of the line, and the world’s only gamer chairs utilising revolutionary real leather as the covering.  Real leather is, and forever has been the covering for the most premium of furniture products, and the object of envious stares.  Genuine leather has the supreme breathability that you would expect from the best of the best.  Nothing compares.  It is elegant, beautiful, and the quality is supreme.  On top of all of this, leather is extremely durable.  If there are accidental spills from your morning coffee, or your third Red Bull during your most recent noob stomping session, the properties of this material will shine.  It is temperature resistant, UV-resistant, and not sensitive to moisture.  These chairs perform at as high of a quality as they are aesthetically pleasing.

The beautiful chairs look as though they were stripped from the 1920’s and infused with modern design.  The elegance of the leather and smooth curved shapes are the perfect compliments of the gentleman gamer.

NobleChairs: The EPIC Seriesnoble gaming chairs banner

The exclusive, beautiful real leather coverings of the Brown-Black and Brown-Beige office and gaming swivel chairs are not the only options available to you.  And this serious isn’t called EPIC just to be catchy.  These chairs are truly awe-inspiring. For those that wish for something other than leather, look no further than the EPIC series.

The EPIC series still uses exclusive high-end materials and high quality, high precision industrial robotic construction. It was the overwhelming popularity of this series of Noble chairs gaming chairs that conquered the market rapidly and thoroughly.  It was this success that leads to the production of the previously mentioned real leather Brown-Black and Brown-Beige series, due to customer demand.  It is Noble chairs’ attention to detail and quality of product that has garnered the love of their customers.

The non-leather variants of Noblechairs’ EPIC series are made with “faux leather,” which are made with the highest-grade PU, or polyurethane, 100% vegan imitation leather, which provides similar characteristics to genuine leather, but is a synthetic polymer. Equally ergonomic and elegant, these chairs will complement any office or gaming studio.  The chair truly shines.  The chair is perforated across all contact areas, as well as embroidered with a diamond pattern stitching across the lumbar and seating area, which creates tiny air pockets, in order to achieve maximum breathability and aeration, even during the higher temperatures of summer.

All seams on the backrest of the seat are woven in with ultimate precision and accuracy by industrial embroidery machines.  The love for the design and attention to detail is apparent when looking at these chairs, by paying attention to the many niceties added.  On the headrest, you will see a debossed crown logo.  You will also see an Elliptical aluminium emblem with relief lettering on the backrest.

The chairs don’t just look like what you would see in a sports or luxury vehicle.  The faux leather, polyurethane material used by Noblechairs, similar to the seating in such cars, is 25% thicker and more durable than comparable gaming chairs.  The texture and fine surface imitate real leather so well, that even some experts are unable to tell the difference with the naked eye.  The imitation PU leather is easily cleaned, and feels cooler than genuine leather, especially in hotter climates or the summer.

In order to increase comfort levels, the EPIC series of Noblechairs also come with two black, removable pillows embroidered with the Noblechairs logo.  This is to provide more support to the neck and lumbar areas that can become worn out after long days sitting at the desk.

Fundamental Design

Noblechairs gaming chairs provide the optimal comfort for ergonomic sitting positioning, utilising dimensionally stable, open-cell cold foam with a 55% density.  This allows for the Noble chairs gaming chair to maintain its shape, even after prolonged usage, even with higher body weights. This provides the best firmness available and allows the chair to adapt to the sitting position immediately.  The material is especially breathable, which regulates a pleasant climate.  This is all placed upon Noblechairs solid steel frame, lending absolute stability of the chair.  For this reason, the Noblechairs gaming chairs make excellent ergonomic chairs for the office or workplace, providing greater comfort for those long days.noble chairs penta special edition

Below the seating area of the chairs, and the 360-degree swivel, the frame rests on a powder coated, matte black star base. This starbase is made of five, massive full aluminium arms.  Each arm is equipped with a swivel caster with a nylon core.  Each is furnished with a PU, or polyurethane coating.  Because of this, the chair’s five casters are much softer than comparable chairs.  Additionally, they run more smoothly, making each EPIC series Noblechair gaming chair equally suitable for soft and hard floors.


Each gamer chair made by Noble chairs offers unrestricted adjustment options.  This allows the chair to be flexibly adapted to each individual needs, which is paramount in the centrepiece of your gaming or working environment. Housed within the conical bore, leading to the star base, there is a height adjustable class 4 safety gas lift that leads to an advanced locking mechanism at the front, beneath the seating area.  This provides a change in height from 49.5 to 59.5 cm, from its original height of 131 to 141 cm.noble gaming chairs seat adjustments nobles gaming chairs tilt

This allows for the discovery of highly comfortable sitting positions, which can be reached using the reclining system, provided via the rocking mechanism. Once the desired position is found, the tilt position can be locked, and/or the tilt tension can be adjusted via a control knob found on the bottom of the seat.  This provides for a looser or tighter rocking motion.  The angle between the seating area and the backrest can also be adjusted via a side lever, with a change from 90 degrees to 135 degrees, and anywhere in between.  To complete the customization of comfort, the comfortable and soft armrests can be adjusted in four separate dimensions, which are referred to as the 4D armrests.noble chairs arm rest adjustments

Easy to Clean

The fact that Noblechairs gaming chairs are made either from real exclusive leather or from PU, polyurethane imitation leather, makes cleaning one of these gaming chairs an extremely easy task.  Using water and a microfiber cloth can do this. For situations that call for a bit more than just water, rubbing alcohol can be used along with the microfiber cloth.  It would be a good idea to use a quality real leather conditioner on the chair at least once a week.  Using such a conditioner will help to maintain flexibility, prevent drying out, as well as keep the lustrous new look.  This will help to maintain the both real leather and polyurethane imitation leather for much longer.


Each and every Noble chairs gaming chair abides by UK Fire Safety Regulations for Furniture and Furnishings (BS 5852).  Each features a layer that is fire retardant, that has been applied to the surface material, thus minimising fire hazards.

The maximum rated weight for each Noble chairs gaming chair is 120 kg, and for only one person at a time.

Available Options and Choices

There are several different options available when choosing a Noble chairs gaming chair, in three different categories:  EPIC Faux Leather Gaming Chairs, EPIC Real Leather Gaming Chairs, and EPIC Special Edition Gaming Chairs.

EPIC Faux Leather Gaming Chairs:noblechairs faux leather chairs

There are five variants of this series of Noblechairs’ gaming chairs.  One variant is all black.  The four others are black with a different coloured trim.  Those variants are: black and green, black and red, black and blue, and black and gold.

Each chair comes with two matching and removable pillows for maximising comfort.

EPIC Real Leather Gaming Chairs:noble gaming chairs real leather chairs

There are four variants in this series of Noblechairs’ gaming chairs, each made using exclusive, elegant and real leather.  One variant is all black.  The other variants are a bit more unique, one being brown and black, another being brown and beige, and the final being black, white and red.

Each one comes with two matching and removable pillows for maximising comfort.

EPIC Special Edition Gaming Chairs:noble chairs gaming special edition

There are two options available in this series of gaming chairs: the EPIC series gaming chair – PENTA Sports edition, and the EPIC series gaming chair – SK Gaming edition.

The Penta Sports edition comes in black and orange, whereas the SK Gaming edition comes in black, white, and blue.

Each chair comes with two matching and removable pillows for maximising comfort.

NobleChairs: Product Specifications

Note that the specifications for each individual Noble chairs gaming chairs are very similar, if not identical, although very slight variations may occur.   (ca. = circa = approximately)


  • Manufacturer:                                                 Noble chairs
  • Colour of included pillows:                                Vary by chair model
  • Total chair height (including base):                 ca. 131 – 141 cm
  • Adjustable height:                                            ca. 49.5 – 59.5 cm
  • Width of backrest at the top:                           ca. 54.5 cm
  • Width of backrest at the bottom:                    ca. 52 cm
  • Width of backrest at point of contact:             ca. 29.5 cm
  • Length of backrest:                                         ca. 87 cm
  • Degree of backrest adjustability:                    90 – 135 degrees
  • Total width of seating area:                             ca. 56 cm
  • Width of seating area at point of contact:       ca. 35 cm
  • Total depth of seating area:                            ca. 56.5 cm
  • Depth of seating area at point of contact:      ca. 49.5 cm
  • Width of armrest:                                            ca. 10.5 cm
  • Depth of armrest:                                            ca. 27 cm
  • Degree of rocking mechanism motion:          Max 11 degrees
  • Maximum weight of user:                               120 kg
  • Dimensions of shipped package:                   84 cm x 38 cm x 70 cm
  • Weight of chair (Net):                                     ca. 27 kg
  • Weight of chair (Gross):                                 ca. 29 kg


Noblechairs Pricing Guide

EPIC Faux Leather Gaming Chairs:

EPIC SERIES GAMING CHAIR – BLACK AND GREEN                                        £319

EPIC SERIES GAMING CHAIR – BLACK AND RED                                             £319

EPIC SERIES GAMING CHAIR – BLACK                                                               £319

EPIC SERIES GAMING CHAIR – BLACK AND BLUE                                           £319

EPIC SERIES GAMING CHAIR – BLACK AND GOLD                                          £319


EPIC Real Leather Gaming Chairs:



EPIC SERIES REAL LEATHER GAMING CHAIR – BLACK                                              £489



EPIC Special Edition Gaming Chairs:




Be a Gentleman Gamer

Get one of Noblechair’s luxurious gaming chairs in real leather or polyurethane. Get a chair with exceptional quality and comfort. Never settle for less!


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