DXRacer Gaming Office Chairs

DX racerDXRacer has several things that set them apart from other office and gaming chair manufacturers. This includes their awesome pattern designs, speedy delivery, quality products, support, and so much more. The company lives by their principle of providing both ergonomics and comfort in the workplace and the game room. In the office, this is believed to improve employee productivity, while it allows you to achieve maximum focus in the game room.

Office and Gaming Chairs

When you buy a DXRacer chair, you know that you are buying a quality product. They have several features that are typical to their products. First, every chair comes with a five-point base and gas spring for maximum support. Another design feature is a high back rest that is ergonomically designed, to offer total spinal support. Some common features include an adjustable lumbar cushion, head cushion, adjustable arm rests, locking tilt mechanism, and swivel function. Each chair is designed to offer the highest level of comfort and support- whether you are hard at work in the office or in your game room.

Colour and Design

Another great thing about the DXRacer company is that each of their chairs is designed to look sleek. They offer basic black designs for most of their models, however, the chairs also come with several colours and design options. There are even a few chairs with patterns and designs that are very different from what you would see from other gaming and office chair companies.

Customer Service

If the awesome design options and high quality of DXRacer products were not enough to convince you, here are two other things that prove they put customers first. DXRacer offers quick delivery. Regardless of your location, they can have your chair at your door in just five days. Additionally, they offer 24/7 support so you can get help around the clock if you have comments, questions, or complaints.


Here is an overview of the several chairs and accessories that are currently offered by DXRacer. They are each designed with the highest quality in mind.

PC Gaming Chairs

There are three separate chairs in this category, including the Formula Series, the Racing Series, and the King Series. The Formula Series offers a tubular steel frame, 8-position armrests that can prevent strain on your wrists and shoulders while gaming, and can support up to 106 kilogrammes. The Racing Series is very similar to the Formula Series, however, it offers a foot-rest shaped base with grips and its own unique colours and designs. Finally, the King Series is designed for maximum comfort, with extra padding and a design that can let you sit comfortably for 8 hours or longer. It can support as much as 181 kilogrammes.

SOHO Chairs

There are two separate chairs in the SOHO line-up, including the Drifting Series and the Iron Series, both designed for maximum comfort. The Drifting Series features a higher back and deeper seat than other models already mentioned. It also comes with extra padding for longer gaming (or work) sessions and a 106 kilogramme weight limit. The Iron Series is designed to last. The entire chair is durable, but the aluminium base is designed to last indefinitely. It can support up to 900 kilogrammes! A couple other features of this chair include a 4D sliding armrest for maximum shoulder and wrist comfort and a deep seat. Additionally, every chair in the Iron Series is put through 72 quality tests before it is considered good enough to sell to DXRacer’s valued customers.


In addition to the chairs that DXRacer offers, the company has quite a few accessories. One thing that they offer is quality headrest cushions. While most chairs come with a headrest cushion, having an additional or a replacement can come in handy. Additionally, they may be so comfortable that you want to have an extra for your home or office. Another product that they offer is casters. These are soft enough to be used on laminate or hardwood floors without scratching and offer an incredibly smooth ride. Additionally, the DXRacer company offers merchandise that currently includes wristbands and lanyards for their dedicated fans.