Hi and welcome to Gamer Chairs, we have created and dedicated this site to you guessed it, the world of gaming chairs.

The gaming industry is growing at a huge rate across the world daily and even more so in the UK. After looking for a while we noticed there wasn’t a site out there to help you, the gamer a resource in helping you choose the right gaming chair for your wants and needs.

Sure there are plenty of places selling gaming chairs but do any of them give you a comparison across the market? Nope! So we thought we better create one to help you and your rear end game in style and comfort!

Here at Gamer Chairs, we are gamers who well love to game so this was a great chance for you to get to grips with what the world has to offer in the way of gaming chairs. We have a right mix from Xbox and PlayStation gamers to PC gamers as well. This way you know you will get the right advice in which chair will suit you best and bring you our unique opinions on the good, the bad and the ugly, trust me on this there are some ugly chairs out there you do not want to waste your money on!

Of course, if you are still suck and want to ask us a question then you can by using our contact form and we will try to help you out best we can.